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Arpico is a leading supermarket chain in the country and is a member of Richard Pieris Group of companies. Arpico Wattala is the largest supermarket in the country with a floor area of more than 50,000 sq.ft.

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Supermarkets require a lot of lighting as customers should be able to see the products displayed along with pricing and even read product labels. A lot of tube lights are used in supermarkets to achieve the required light level. Due to the same reason Engineers of Arpico thought that the skylighting concept would help them save energy as they can keep lights switched off during the day.

Skylights provide natural daylight into a facility with lesser heat and 100% diffusion. The light is so diffused that even the shadows of AC duct cannot be seen on the floor. Most of the customers who shop here do not have any idea that they are shopping under natural daylight unless they are told. As per the ROI calculations the project cost was paid in less than one and a half years. Arpico Engineers installed lux level sensors so that when the lighting levels in the environment go down below 250 lux the lights would automatically come on and again switched off once it is restored.

The group was delighted with the results of this project and repeated the same for their outlets in Kadawatha as well as Negombo which were similar success stories.

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