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Central Chemical Weighing Process in Load Star

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  • Central Chemical Weighing Process in Load Star

Central Chemical Weighing Process in Load Star

FEPL was invited to provide a safe working environment for employees engaged in chemical weighing process of Load Star – A multi-national manufacturing off-road tyres for international market
Load Star has a central chemical preparation system for all its plants in J-Ela, Sri Lanka. All employees working in chemical preparation process were exposed to severe health hazard. Chemicals used in the preparation are PVI (CTP), Sulphor-Miwon, Hex methylene tetramine micronized, MBS, TMTM, Bakelite, Carbon-GMPD, Melaniline, Crystex (IS), MBTS, TBBS, TMQ, TMTM and Vocol.

A picture of the location before the extraction system was introduced is shown below.

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An extraction system was designed to capture all types of dust no sooner they are air borne. Dust at different points was extracted using a special hood and an arm as shown below.

Since all dusts are combustible by nature a specially designed dust collector was bought from Germany. It included all safety requirements such as rupture disc in case of an explosion, a valve to prevent fire spreading into the working area in case of a fire. A dusty probe was fixed on to the exhaust stack to sense any dust particles and send a signal to stop exhaust fan immediately.

The project was highly successful and health hazard was completely eliminated.

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