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In the tyre manufacturing process tyre edges are being ground during which sparks as well as dust is generated which is an OH&S hazard. Due to sparks normal dust collector units are not suitable as filters can catch fire. Some companies propose a pre-spark separator and anti-static filters for this application however this does not rule out the risk of an explosion 100%. Best possible thing to do would be to send this spark through a water curtain thereby arresting the sparks and ruling out the risk of an explosion completely.

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ESTA has designed a unit known as a “Wet Separator” for this purpose. The high power centrifugal fan which is on top of this unit creates a very high negative pressure such that a water fountain is created inside the unit from the water basin. During the extraction process the sparks as well as the dust go through the water curtain, there by taking the sparks off and dust is collected in the water. The unit has several layers of bins underneath so that finally the dust can be collected in form of sludge and disposed of.

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